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About The Bright Melody
One of Withywindle's oldest kinships, TheBrightMelody moved to Laurelin with the server transfers in 2015.

While our members made themselves at home in our new surroundings, we have continued to grow, and now have active members at all levels. The remaining members of Withy kin, The Oakenshield, came to join us a few months after transfers, and have merged happily with our new friends and members on Laurelin.  
Our ethos is very simple, to enjoy all the challenges the game has to offer, and the beauty of Middle Earth, in the company of friends. 
If you are looking for a new home for your adventures, and are interested in joining us, please contact Dimaeth, Everwood, Dagjobo, Kyusson, Minteohaner or any of our other officers in game. We look forward to meeting you.
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